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Defense Meeting for M.S. Thesis (Operations Research) "Optimization Framework for Reconstructing Biomedical Images by Efficient Sample-based Parameterization" of Paul Arbic [thesis link], November 2020

Department of Mathematical Sciences (MTH), Florida Institute of Technology, FL

ICERM Topical Workshop "Applied Mathematical Modeling with Topological Techniques" [link], August 2019

Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), Brown University, RI

IWR Summer School "Advances in Mathematical Optimization" [link], October 2018

Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University, Germany

NSF-CBMS Conference/Workshop "Computational Methods in Optimal Control" [link], July 2018

Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS), Jackson State University, MS

SIAM 2018 Annual Meeting AN18 [link], July 2018

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Portland, OR

New Directions Short Course "Topics in Control Theory" [link], May - June 2014

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), University of Minnesota, MN

CAIMS 2013 Annual Meeting [link], June 2013

Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS), Quebec City, Canada

RISM Summer School "Multiphase and Multiphysics Problems" [link], September 2011

Riemann International School of Mathematics (RISM), Verbania, Italy

OPTPDE Summer School "Challenges in Applied Control and Optimal Designs" [link], July 2011

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), Bilbao, Spain

SHARCNET Summer School "High Performance and Technical Computing" [link], May - June 2010

SHARCNET, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, Canada

Intensive Period Summer School "Analytical and Numerical Problems in Fluid Dynamics and Applications" [link], April 2010

Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi (INdAM), Catania, Italy